Building a List For Free

Building an email list of current and potential clients and leads does not mean you have to spend a fortune. There are several ways you can build a quality list that you can market new products and services to for free. A list is an essential element of your company to keep recurring income flowing through your business model each quarter. All of these ways listed below assume your company's website already has some traffic:

Launch Method: This method utilizes a big PR event within your business. Maybe it is a new product or service launch. It could be new features to an existing service or product that you offer. It just has to be something that people would think is interesting and something they would want to learn more about. You want to be able to capture the attention of your current market base. By creating buzz around a new feature or product this will create a marketable resource. Now, all you need to do is figure out how to capture the email addresses. You can do this several different ways, have visitors sign up for a newsletter to learn more, or provide their email address to receive the new feature or product first.

Word of Mouth: Building a list with word of mouth is the traditional way of networking. Talking with potential customers and clients and asking for their email address is still how many build lists. Also, if you currently have customers make sure you are collecting and storing their email addresses for your current list. Because this is the slowest method, it should not be the only method of list building you use for your business.

Burst Method: This method requires holding a special event such as a talk at the local library or a webinar. By holding these free of charge you are going to have substantial interest and potentially a lot of individuals you could market to. By asking for their contact information and email address to register for your free event you are building a list quickly in a matter of days vs months. By creating these bursts of people to market to, you will see profitable returns for your business.

Free Advertising: Advertising is one of the most common methods of list building among businesses and probably always will be. Although free advertising is much harder to accomplish then paid, it still provides a great source of potential customers. The most common way of going about list building through advertising is by creating a campaign focused around capturing a potential customers email address. Instead of having the goal of selling a product or service, your goal would instead be to have a user complete a form allowing you to capture their email address. Advertising does not always mean you need to be spending money either.

As you can see there are many ways to build email lists for online marketing today. With so many options all you need to do as a business owner is pick one and focus on it. Focusing on one method at a time is what ensures success and future profits.