List Building and Online Marketing

List Building is one of the most important and fundamental goals any business should have. Without a list of customers and potential customers, how will you make money? This is true for almost every business, you need a way to keep track of customers and leads that you can frequently market to. This is how you generate recurring income for your business.

Every person on this planet has a functioning email address. This is the single piece of data that you need to obtain from customers and leads in order to generate a list. This list is your money maker, and will grow as your business grows. There is nothing getting in the way of starting a list and best of all it is a free marketing tool for your company.

When starting out, you can use a simple Spreadsheet with your clients name, address, and most importantly email address. When your business grows, and you start bringing in clients regularly, there are commercial list building products available such as Aweber, Constant Contact, and many more. These are very affordable subscription based services that allow you to manage a client list effectively and also promote products and services through.

How to Get Subscribers: Getting potential customers and leads on a list is the first step to success. Let's take a look at some effective ways you can accomplish this:

  1. 1) Website Opt-in: Utilizing a stylish pop-over form on your business's website is a great way to ask potential customers to add their email address to your list. There are several Wordpress plugins you can use for this if your site utilizes this CMS system. There are also open source scripts you can download if your site is not based off of a CMS system.

  2. 2) Manual Entry: Manual entry is exactly what it sounds. This method simply involves asking customers for their contact information and manually plugged it into either a spreadsheet or a list building product.

  3. 3) Newsletter: Newsletters are some of the most common ways businesses will gather email addresses. Many provide a monthly newsletter and also include new products and services within it. Many people will not have an issue signing up to a newsletter as they like the idea of keeping up with a company that they do business with.

  4. 4) Promotional: This method involves asking a potential customer for their email address in exchange for a promotion code or a discount. Providing a discount is a minimal expense for such a valuable piece of information.